kings college scam logo is a scam website

At first glance, the website located at www kings-college DOT org may look like a real college’s website. It is not. It is a scam.

Look a little deeper, and you will see that it is a scam run by someone in a foreign country. Look even deeper and you will see that it is designed to rip off potential students.

Not sure? NBC affiliate WCNC, Channel 36 in Charlotte, did an investigative report you should watch:

The real King’s College in Charlotte closed its doors in 2018.

Wikipedia states, “The college closed in December 2018 due to low enrollment.”

But a new website you might find after doing a search for King’s College is a fake and a scam and has been reported to multiple regulatory agencies and news organizations.

The ACTUAL King’s College maintains a legitimate website for former students to request transcripts and can be found at


fake website for Kings College

The “success stories” were made up. The “Cabinet Members” are made up. The programs and degrees are made up.


To “apply,” they require you to give them everything they could want to steal your identity: provide email, give date of birth, upload your passport or driver’s license image, upload a passport-size photo of yourself, etc. Then they ask for a credit card number so they can start buying things and ruining your life…

All of the “accreditation” bodies are fraudulent with scam websites of their own:

fake accreditation
fake accreditation
fake accreditation
fake accreditation
fake accreditation

Google posts the following as “From King’s College Charlotte.” Does it sound like it was written by someone in the United States?

fake google listing and reviews

The registrant is hidden via Domains By Proxy (see is the registrar, but they make money from it and do not want to help.

Amazon Web Services hosts the site, but they make money doing so and have no interest in policing it:

Amazon response to fake site hosted on their servers